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goodthingz founder Gina Johnson, MSW, LCSW, is a co-owner, life/business coach at Blueprint in Urbana, Illinois. She earned her Master of Social Work Degree from the University of Illinois and went on to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has advanced training in the areas of Life/Business Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Trauma/Loss Therapy. Gina has 14 years experience helping people of all ages improve the quality of their lives.

Gina feels passionate about helping individuals and businesses realize their potential for growth and helping them achieve their goals. As a life coach, Gina works with individuals to achieve a variety of goals that include, but are not limited to, enhanced self awareness, increased motivation, decreased procrastination, healthy stress management, improved organizational skills, increased self confidence, effective communication and interpersonal skills.

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  44. What makes your day good or even great? A smile, a colorful photo, the warm sunshine, good music, an interesting book? Whatever your goodthingz may be, share them with us here!
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