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goodthingz founder Gina Johnson, MSW, LCSW, is a co-owner, life/business coach at Blueprint in Urbana, Illinois. She earned her Master of Social Work Degree from the University of Illinois and went on to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has advanced training in the areas of Life/Business Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Trauma/Loss Therapy. Gina has 14 years experience helping people of all ages improve the quality of their lives.

Gina feels passionate about helping individuals and businesses realize their potential for growth and helping them achieve their goals. As a life coach, Gina works with individuals to achieve a variety of goals that include, but are not limited to, enhanced self awareness, increased motivation, decreased procrastination, healthy stress management, improved organizational skills, increased self confidence, effective communication and interpersonal skills.

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  1. My cat Lyneus has a favorite stuffed animal/friend. One day i came home for lunch & found him at the water bowl. :)..
  2. I saw this hanging in a hallway at SJO High School today. Just looking at it makes me smile :)
  3. One of the employees at IGA was kind enough to carry my 5 gallon jug of water to my office today. His kindness made my day :)
  4. Today, as i was rushing thru a parking lot, feeling pretty stressed, i happened to look down & see this little guy smiling back at me.
  5. Great to see all of the new members here! Thank you so much for joining & sharing your goodthingz :) Enjoy!
  6. The sky behind my house sometime last week.
  7. Thanks for all the great posts: the pottery pics, the fitness tips, the music, the quotes! You all make the site so uplifting :).
  8. The funnest bridge ever! I don't think i would want to get to the other side :)
  9. The Giant Slugs of Angers ~ Kuriositas ·

    Giant, colorful Slugs!

  10. mmp architects: HP tree house ·

    Tree-houses.... i love them!

  11. Meet Moxie; the cat that uses baseballs as pillows :).
  12. A warm welcome to all of our new members, and thanks to everyone who visits and posts here on goodthingz. I love seeing everyone's posts and appreciate you all spending time here!
  13. Fresh Pics: Malawi Boy Builds Windmill Out of Junk ·

    What this kid accomplished is nothing short of amazing.

  14. A big welcome and thanks to the new members who have joined our community! I appreciate you spending time here and hope you are enjoying the site :)
  15. » Mercedes Benz Left Right Brain advertising/design goodness - advertising and design blog ·

    These left brain, right brain infographics are so artistic & interesting

  16. Fred XYZ Blocks (NOTCOT) ·

    I bought these blocks ( Art Mart, Urbana) & love looking at them. The art, color and detail are spectacular. (thx again Lisa!)

  17. Looping Roller-Coaster Stairway You Can Actually Walk On | WebUrbanist ·

    This reminds me of the one at the City Museum in StL. Such a fun place :)

  18. Real Large LEGO: Concrete Bridge Turned to Colorful Brick | WebUrbanist ·
  19. A View from the Top: Tree Walks Gardenista ·
  20. Tweets for Sweets ·

    Tweets win gumballs in a rube goldberg- inspired marketing campaign. Very fun!

  21. Juxtapoz Magazine - The World's Tallest LEGO Tower for 80th birthday of LEGO | Current ·
  22. Dezeen » Blog Archive » The Bubble Building by DUS Architects ·

    Fun, fun!

  23. An Incredible Home in the Forest With Trees Growing Through It ·

    Peaceful & beautiful!

  24. Yo-Yo Lamps by Almerich | Design Milk ·

    Chk out these lamps that look like oversized yo-yo(s). Fun!

  25. ·

    What is eyebombing? The act of putting googly eyes on inanimate objects in public places.

  26. Rubik’s Cube Chest of Drawers | Design Milk ·

    Check out this huge handmade Rubik's Cube...creative!

  27. The new Art of Flight snowboarding trailer. Wow...and I thought the first one was good!
  28. Huge bike jump into a pond...35 ft in the air!
  29. 403 Forbidden ·

    The Skateboard House - House designed to be fully skateable. I would have never slept (or sat down) if I lived here when I was a kid!

  30. Pool Paint Project- Guys attach spray paint cans to skateboards & make graffiti art in empty swimming pool.
  31. Crystal Castles: 15 Glittering Glass Buildings | WebUrbanist ·
  32. Short Video of Chalk Lettering Master Dana Tanamachi. Watch as she works her magic at Ace Hotel in NYC; set to a good song too :).
  33. One man, 100,000 toothpicks, and 35 years: An incredible kinetic sculpture of San Francisco » Design You Trust – Social design inspiration! ·


  34. Before I Die: Lively Interactive Street Art Stencil | WebUrbanist ·

    I want to create a goodthingz wall like this somewhere............

  35. I recently saw this in a magazine, and i think it's clever! It is a drawbridge made out of lots & lots of pennies :).
  36. Looking out my back door... the shadows in the field looked really cool on this particular evening.
  37. Thanks for making my day with all of the great posts: the inspiring quotes, pics & videos! You all make this place a perfect mixture of fun & positivity!
  38. The Cupcake Cannon - This looks like it would be so fun :). I love cupcakes and especially love Johnny Cupcakes!
  39. Designer: Lavinia Chu » Yanko Design ·

    Squizits ~ Do you have to fidget w/ something in order to concentrate? Check out squizits ; i should probably get one of these!

  40. Dominoes Competitions: Knocking Over A Line of World Records | WebUrbanist ·

    Fun pics on here too!

  41. Plattfuss: Bike Innertube Rubberbands (NOTCOT) ·
  42. By hand ·

    3d Lego Infographic Maps

  43. Book Origami | Recyclart ·
  44. 25 Awesome Hearts Found in Nature ·

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  45. Metal barrel cupboard | Recyclart ·

    Recycling things for other uses is fascinating to me, especially when it looks great like this stuff!

  46. Typography wallpaper - very cool
  47. Quote hook~ positive & functional decor- love it!
  48. 9 Unique and Amazing Streets (pink street, blue street, umbrella street, fake street) - ODDEE ·

    i love the umbrella one :)

  49. Birds Made Entirely From Paper | 1 Design Per Day ·

    my fave is the hummingbird

  50. Impressive coffee cup art by Miguel Cardona : theCHIVE ·

    They even did Walter White. Very cool