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  1. Disclosure - Latch - just found this band last week & can't get enough of them
  2. Avicii - Wake Me Up ---- my favorite song on my workout playlist rt now
  3. Wild Feathers - The Ceiling --- love this song!
  4. John Mayer - Wildfire - saw him perform this live last night - very good!
  5. NoNoNo - Pumpin Blood
  6. Pure voice & great guitar ---- soothing sound
  7. Jack Johnson - I Got You (I can't wait for his new album. I love his acoustic sound.)
  8. Swon Brothers - Wagon Wheel (Anyone that sings Wagon Wheel this good deserves to win the Voice!)
  9. Mat Kearney - She's Got the Honey (can't get enough of his voice this wk)
  10. Joshua Radin - Beautiful Day - (reminds me to make the day beautiful)