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  1. great song for this sunny day!
  2. Another video check my channel out <3 #Goodthingz
  3. This is me :) check me out
  4. watched the movie stuck in love over the wknd & this was my fave song in movie. love the sound of their voices together.
  5. houndmouth - on the road --- chk out their album, very good
  6. 9 Unique and Amazing Streets (pink street, blue street, umbrella street, fake street) - ODDEE ·

    i love the umbrella one :)

  7. Birdy - Wings ---- beautiful, beautiful voice
  8. Practical Wisdom for Clarity, Freedom, and Happiness ·

    insightful article!

  9. Birds Made Entirely From Paper | 1 Design Per Day ·

    my fave is the hummingbird